irresistible sweeties,,,
,,, that i've met on my travels.
some of them i found simply pretty,
some just unbelievably funny :>

watch out - - -
i'm after your babies ;> !

[remember: do not adopt these
dolls from my site. if you
find them sweet too, go visit
them at their homes, ok? :>]

stunning beauty in simplicity -brought to me and you by xandorra
a charming urban all-arounder -hihi :>! -by woiseu
ouch! :< sad broken robot constructed by denise at pixel punks
this melancholic tinman-diva was found at silver lining dolls
such gorgeousness almost hurts *gasp* -created by shimmer
this young miss i met at pixelclub
a pikat i picked up at hanna's av squad
a fragile indian beauty - by kristi at among the stars
the true über-diva - cleopatra by angy-chan
this all-scandinavian viking lady came from flipped creations